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  • Hide Those Extra Pounds - The Ultimate List Of Plus Size Dressing Tips Styling can be hard for plus size women, but not anymore! Read on to find some of the best suggestions and ideas for quick fashion makeover.

  • Fashion Tips & Ideas On How To Get The Right Outfit To Suit You With Unique Fashionable Accessories Is false fashion for you? What you have to bear in mind when keeping up with all the newest trends is, that never once were you in the designer's thoughts when putting his or her creations together. How many times have you cringed at styles of dresses, trousers, blouses or whatever knowing at the back of your mind how hideous you would look dressed in what was designed for the catwalk and yet you feel the need to have them because it's in fashion.

  • 7 Quick Style Rules For Every Plus-Size Woman You love stylish clothing, but not sure of what to wear? If you are a plus-size woman, you need some of these tips mentioned in this post!

  • Great Things Worth Knowing About Plus Size Styling While plus size styling can be confusing, you can do a lot without spending a fortune. Check out some of the ideas mentioned in this post!

  • 10 Plus-Size Dressing Ideas for the Modern Girl Love styling but not sure what to wear? Read on to find some of the most amazing ways to style plus-size clothing and dresses.

  • Golden Tips for Wearing Plus-Size Fashion in Style Want to buy plus size dresses for women? Before you go ahead, we have some amazing tips that will give you the confidence to shop more!

  • 9 Universal Fashion Hacks for Every Curvy Girl Wondering what will flatter your body? Don't worry about those extra pounds, because we have some amazing tips for your help!

  • Why Plus Sized Fashion Is Vital in the Industry Today In recent times we know that the industry has been glorifying specific modeling categories, especially thin models. Portraying these models as beautiful has caused a natural stigmatization of larger looking average plus-sized models.

  • Do You Meet the Criteria of Plus-Size Modeling? As we usher in a new modern era, what was once a niche and unrecognized industry is now rapidly growing into the mainstream culture. In this article we list some important criteria to fulfill and become a true plus-sized model.

  • How to Be a Plus-Size Model Plus-size modeling has been a relevant style since the advent of plus-sized clothing line in the 1920s and the increasing numbers of plus sized fashionistas in the consumer market. So being a plus sized model is not simple, and requires fitness and body maintenance in a similar way.

  • 10 Things That Separate Women From Girls Women and girl are different in the way they think. One need to closely observe them to make distinction. This will enable the members of opposite sex to deal with them better. In this article, we would be just listing the characteristics that differentiate them.

  • Wear Your Curves Proudly - You're A Healthy Beautiful Woman Leading the life of a fat independent woman is never easy, especially when you have the society eying you all the time. Even if a 'thin and lean body' with the 'perfect abs' has become the new 'vogue', if is okay if you do not fall under that category of women. Remember your size does not define who you are, and so if people call you fat, chubby, fuller curvy, let them. Embrace your curves proudly because they only make you a healthy beautiful woman.

  • Improve Your Silhouette With a Butt Lifter Women go to great lengths to get rounder bigger butts with some even opting for pills and cosmetic creams to achieve the desired results. Focused exercises are also used for the same, but the results are not always satisfactory. One of the quickest ways of fixing your butt and making it look as you wish is by using shape wear such as a butt lifter.

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